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Cold temperatures expected in Bulkley Valley and Lakes next week

The Bulkley Valley and Lakes District can expect some cold temperatures early next week according to Environment Canada.

Monday(Feb 8) and Tuesday (Feb 9) may see lows around the minus 20 mark, which would be the first time this winter season.

According to Meteorologist Doug Lundquist, arctic air is moving its way through the southern interior from Alberta and the Peace Country.

Lundquist said this winter the Valley and Lakes have gotten lucky without the arctic air.

“It’s the first really deep arctic air, pretty typical for us but it does feel kind of unusual because it has been so warm. Be thankful we’re not in Prince George where they are getting closer to the minus 30 degree range, further west we’re protected, Burns Lake will be somewhere in between,” he said.

Lundquist added he does not expect the cold temperatures to stick around.

He said with the cool temperatures there will be some sun.

“The sun has way more power then it did in December. The sun has already moved at a high noon eight degrees higher, so there’s a lot more warmth in the sunso, the daytime hours will feel okay,” Lundquist said.

He is also advising motorists to pack warm blankets and extra warm clothes in the car in case of a breakdown.

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