The Northwest Animal Shelter (NWAS) will soon be hosting an online auction.

This is the first online auction the shelter has had and the proceeds are for fundraising for the shelter.

According to NWAS, fundraising has been difficult because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Auction Coordinator Jennifer Mackay added the shelter is currently in the planning stages of the auction and are still accepting donations to be auctioned off.

She says COVID-19 has resulted in any events the shelter would have to raise money has been cancelled.

“Anything right now is very helpful for them because COVID has gone on well over a year now, so we want them to be able to get as much as we can so they can keep helping animals,” MacKay said.

She also said the proceeds will be going directly to the animal shelter.

“They use that [money] for things like vet care, transportation, feeding and things like that,” Mackay said.

A Facebook group has started for anyone interested in participating in the auction.