House sales are up in the Bulkley Nechako region according to the BC Northern Real Estate Board.

The Smithers area saw 213 properties worth $76.3 million change hands as of September 3oth.

The first nine months of 2020 saw 188 properties sold worth $62 million.

Some of the properties that sold include:

  • 84 single-family homes
  • 60 parcels of vacant land
  • 41 homes on acreage
  • 9 manufactured homes in parks
  • 6 manufactured homes on land

Vanderhoof saw 140 properties sold worth $38.3 million in the same time frame, which is up from the 102 properties worth $23.4 million sold last year.

Some of the properties sold include:

  • 52 single-family homes
  • 37 parcels of land
  • 30 homes on acreage

Houston had 49 properties sell so far this year worth $11.4 million, more than doubling last year’s 22 properties worth $4.7 million.

Burns Lake saw 97 properties sell since September 30th, worth $23 million.

They had 54 properties worth $10.5 million over the same period last year.

Fort St.James also saw a boost in sales, with 75 properties worth $16.9 million change hands, compared to the 47 properties worth $8.7 million last year.