A tool drive is being hosted Saturday (Oct 16) by the Bulkley Valley Tool Library Society.

The society is collecting donations beside Elks Park in Smithers that will become part of a library collection that will be accessible to community members.

According to Board member Kaitlyn Bailey, a tool library is somewhere when someone can become a member and borrow different tools for their project.

She said there has been positive feedback about the library.

“It sounds like a lot of people are pretty excited and we also received a grant from the Wetzin’ kwa Community Forest to help set up the tool library,” Bailey said.

She also explained what she is looking forward to about starting this tool library.

“I’m really looking forward to just meeting other people who are into doing do it yourself projects and hearing about what they’re doing in their own house,” Bailey said.

She added if someone cannot attend the tool drive but would like to donate to the library to contact the tool library society and they will arrange a pick up.

Earlier this year, Bailey created a survey to see if there was an interest in a tool library in the community and she received over 60 responses.