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HomeNewsBurns Lake sees health care staffing shortages

Burns Lake sees health care staffing shortages

The Burns Lake community is experiencing healthcare staffing shortages which is having impacts on the community according to Mayor Dolores Funk.

There have been reduced lab services at the Lakes District Health Centre and a reduced amount of bed at the long term care facility.

Funk said they have gone down from 36 beds in long term care to 29.

“The reality is that health care staff are really exhausted and now they are getting sick which is completely expected and so, there’s a lot of sick leave happening, so I think that’s accentuating the challenges that they are having,” she said.

She added discussions have taken place with Northern Health and the Northern Interior Rural Division of Family Practice.

A situation response team has been sent to Lakes District Health Centre to support current operations at the hospital.

Funk also said these shortages are not just affecting the Burns Lake Community.

“The biggest thing is this is a national shortage so, I think as we see more graduates from health care training we will see an improvement of staffing matters of current physicians,” she said.

Funk added that she is hopeful more health care staff will come to the Burns Lake area.

The Northern Interior Rural Division of Family Practice will be presenting at the Village of Burns Lake council meeting on Tuesday (Feb 1) on ways the region can attract health care professionals.

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