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HomeNewsCurrent health orders to be reviewed on February 16th: BC Health Officials

Current health orders to be reviewed on February 16th: BC Health Officials

BC Health Officials will be reviewing the current Provincial Health Orders by Family Day.

“We are making our way through this Omicron wave, it is different yet again, and there are measures that we put in place in December to address some of those higher risk settings, and to give us time to understand Omicron more,” Dr. Bonnie Henry explained.

“We are seeing the peak, I hope, in our hospitals right now, there is strain on our hospitals, we don’t expect to see the census drop for quite some time. We’re also at a point where much in the community is changing and people have a level of immunity because people have stepped up for booster doses.”

Henry said the most recent provincial health orders are up for review on February 16th, and officials will be talking about the orders on February 15th.

“If we are continuing on this trajectory, then yes, I do hope that we will be able to lift some of those restrictions and gradually get back to those needed connections that we have.”

In addition, it’s been two years since the first COVID-19 case was reported in BC.

Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix reflected on the two-years of the COVID-19 pandemic today (Friday).

“We have made extraordinary societal efforts, and these efforts have saved countless lives,” Henry said.

“If we look at how we’ve weathered these waves here in British Columbia, we are managing to prevent people from needing hospital care, even as it has stretched our healthcare system, and we have saved lives.”

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