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HomeNewsICBC insurance policies can soon be renewed online

ICBC insurance policies can soon be renewed online

Anyone with an insurance policy with ICBC that expires on or after May 1st will be able to renew it on their computer, phone or tablet.

You will also be able to renew it early, and can do so starting on March 17th.

May 1st also marks when BC drivers won’t need a license plate sticker, as police will have access to license plate readers.

ICBC is making a one time investment of as much as $1 million to expand the Automated License Plate Recognition program.

Minister of Public Safety Mike Farnworth said this will cut back on the number of thefts people have been reporting where people are taking license plate stickers off of vehicles.

“This change effective May 1st in conjunction with online renewals, will reduce incidents of theft and misuse, and will free up police resources which are currently used to investigate these crimes.”

“We have undergone the biggest transformation of ICBC that has resulted in people saving significant amounts in their insurance,” added Farnworth.

“We have taken what was more than just a dumpster fire, a crown corporation that some in this province wanted to get rid of, and go back to an insurance system that clearly does not work in terms of providing affordable insurance for most British Columbians, and have put in place enhanced care.”

He said residents in BC are saving on average $490 a year.

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