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Smithers Art Gallery to host a new exhibit

The Smithers Art Gallery will be hosting a reception for its new exhibit tonight (Friday).

Laara Cerman from Vancouver will be in attendance to mingle and talk about her exhibit with community members and attendees.

According to Smithers Art Gallery Manager Nicole Chernish, the exhibit is called Flora’s song.

She said the exhibit follows a story.

“She has this fascinating story about how she worked with a scientist and they used the genome and they put notes to it and now they have the music of the plants based on their DNA and it’s all in the gallery,” Chernish said.

She also said there is a fun part to the exhibit for attendees to enjoy.

“The fun part is you get a crank and you get to make the sound of the plants on an old timey music machine so, thats the great part we can all understand that,” Chernish said.

The event will be held from 7 until 9 p.m..

Additionally, the gallery is also hosting a second exhibit which is, Maryanne Wettlaufer’s neighbor’s by nature.

Both of the exhibits will be at the gallery until May 7.

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