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Salmon Invisible Migration event cancelled for 2022

Lake Babine Nation has announced that the Salmon Invisible Migration Event has been postponed until 2023.

This is because of staff shortages and deaths in several communities.

The event is the journey of 300 million baby salmon that travel to the Skeena River estuary where they will then travel to the Pacific Ocean before returning to the Skeena River within two to five years.

Community members wishing to celebrate the event are being invited to go on the events website to see the 2021 celebration that was held online.

The website includes a virtual reality project, an interactive map, the story of Sammi the Salmon and learn about the history of the Invisible Migration logo.

A news release said that millions of baby salmon are making their way to the estuary and that it is an important place for the wild salmon and steelhead to adjust to the salt water before heading out to the Pacific Ocean.

It added that it hopes many will return.

The event next year is expected to be full of activities and celebration.

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