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Concerns raised regarding Smithers siren to town council

The Smithers noon siren is here to stay for the time being.

The decision comes after the topic was addressed during tonight’s (Tuesday) Regular Council meeting after concerns were raised regarding the siren.

Among the concerns include Ukrainian refugees coming to the community as the war in the country continues.

Councillor Lorne Benson said that he has heard concerns especially through the visitor information centre that the siren has been a trigger to some.

“The thing with the siren is that there’s also this cry wolf issue and when we consider some of the circumstances that we’re faced with in places like Europe right now, maybe if there is a reason to discontinue the siren it would be for implementation of that emergency purpose,” he said.

Benson added if it were to be discontinued it could generate an appropriate response if emergency situations arose.

Councillor Frank Wray said that when the topic of the siren got brought up years ago it was determined the siren was a part of the Town’s emergency warning system.

“It [the siren] needs to be tested and the best way to test it and to make sure it’s always active is to have it tested at a predictable time,” he said.

Wray added because of the daily testing, if there is a problem that is noticed is that it can be addressed.

In addition, he said he can appreciate that it is a jarring sound for some.

Mayor Gladys Atrill added that she will be writing a letter to the concerned individual saying that there will be no change for the time being.

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