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Support, administrative services to be implemented at Veteran Park for homeless community for the Summer

Positive Living North will be providing administrative and support services for those experiencing vulnerable housing across Smithers Town Hall.

This comes after council voted in favour of administering a Temporary Use Permit for a container to provide these services.

Town Council decided last week that those who are experiencing homelessness and have been residing in a trailer near Veterans Park can continue to camp there.

This is as funding for the ATCO trailer that was installed in November has run out.

Councillor Frank Wray said that the decision to keep the homeless camp across from Town Hall was not an easy one.

“I think it’s important for people to remember that we’re trying to do the best we can for the community, for the people involved that do have to live there and for the people close by to this area, it’s not a perfect solution but I think it’s the best one we have at this time,” he said.

Council was also sent a letter for an update prior to the meeting that was held last week by a local business on Alfred Avenue.

Following the meeting Mayor Gladys Atrill with town staff walked around the area to advise local residents and businesses about the plan for those experiencing vulnerable housing.

Atrill said that this is not an easy issue.

“The information was received by our neighbours. There’s not a lot of enthusiasm, there’s understanding but I think the people who work in their neighbourhood wish there is an alternative to that,” she said.

Positive Living North will be providing all of the operating costs for the trailer.

The Temporary Use Permit will be valid until December 14.

It is expected that Temporary Use Permit will be issued by the next regular council meeting on June 14.

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