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HomeNewsOpening ceremony for time capsule held at Smithers Secondary School

Opening ceremony for time capsule held at Smithers Secondary School

A time capsule that was filled more than twenty years ago from students and faculty at Chandler Park Middle School was opened today (Wednesday).

Smithers Secondary School hosted an opening ceremony to celebrate the time capsule and to honour the journey towards reconciliation.

The capsule was buried on June 21, 2000 on National Indigenous People’s day and was scheduled to be reopened on the 100th anniversary of Smithers Incorporation.


Newspaper clippings in the time capsule (supplied by: Lindsay Newman)  

The ceremony featured a drumming group from Walnut Park Elementary School, speeches and some examples of things that will go into the new time capsule.

Principal for Smithers Secondary School Julie Krall said the opening of the capsule was exciting.

“A small part of the time capsule I was in my very first classroom job as a brand new fresh teacher, so, I was thrilled when we opened the time capsule to see stuff from my class in there, so that was exciting for me to be a part of this the whole way through,” she said.

Projects are underway that will be put into the next time capsule including photos of a quilt for the Red Dress project being made, an art project of an accordion book and some drone footage of the ceremony.

SSS teacher Heather Lee said each student has a part of the quilt and there is a hope that it can be displayed when finished.

Red Dress quilt and Heather Lee (supplied by: Lindsay Newman)

“This is to remind people who open this box in another twentyish years from now where our public consciousness was at this time in history,” she said.

The box for the capsule was carved by James Madam.

Over the next year projects will be completed and added to the capsule which will once again be sealed.

Krall added that as of right now no time frame has been determined but students she has talked to so far feel twenty years is a good time frame.

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