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HomeNewsPrescribed burns planned near Fort Babine and Tanglechain Lakes

Prescribed burns planned near Fort Babine and Tanglechain Lakes

Prescribed burning is expected to take place by the BC Wildfire Service near Tanglechain Lakes and the Fort Babine Area.

This is as BCWS is assisting with implementation of a climate adaptation project intended to monitor the impact of prescribed fire to determine tree survival and health.

According to the Northwest Fire Centre, the prescribed fires will be visible to Fort Babine residents and people traveling along the Babine Lake Road and Nilkitkwa Forest Service Road.

The BCWS said the objective of the burns is to reduce slash levels and organic matter in two to three trial blocks to determine if this will improve the survival and early growth of up to ten different tree species being planted.

The species will also be planted in two to three unburned control blocks.

Approximately 25 hectares is the total amount of land outlined for the prescribed fires depending on site conditions.

The BCWS says it is waiting for fuels and for the land to be dry enough to carry the fire across the debris but still contain enough moisture that the fire will not burn deep into the duff.

The prescribed burns could happen as early as September 12 and residents of Fort Babine and other nearby residents can expect to see smoke in the area,

BC Wildfire personnel will monitor the fire at all times and burning will only occur when conditions are appropriate.

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