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HomeNewsFormer president of national firearms association sounds off on new handgun freeze

Former president of national firearms association sounds off on new handgun freeze

“It’s part of a continuum of Liberal gun control that dates back to 1978,”

That’s according to Sheldon Clare who is the past president of Canada’s national firearms association and is not in support of Ottawa’s new handgun freeze, which took effect today (Friday).

Essentially, the ban will make it illegal to buy, sell, transfer, import, or export handguns anywhere in the country.

Clare told Vista Radio law-abiding gun owners continue to be unfairly punished.

“I think this is an abomination. I think that no compensation makes up for the historical attachment to many of these items that people may have and I think that a government that does this cannot be trusted by the people that it purports to govern.”

“What I see in this is that it’s purely political and ideological and it has nothing to do with statistical analysis or the data on anything to do with firearms. All this does is target law-abiding people who have no inclination whatsoever to engage in criminal activity.”

Clare believes the side-effect will be a widespread disrespect for firearms laws because people have gone through a lot of steps to comply with Canada’s federal firearms act.

“It turns out that none of that matters because the government is just going to steal your stuff anyway because that is what this is, deferred confiscation. They are taking away your firearms because you are no longer able to sell them, use them or do anything with them. They basically have to be turned into the police when you are done with them and I can tell right now there are an awful lot of people who own firearms right now who have lost a lot of respect for this area of law.”

“And I think that is a very dangerous thing in a free society to be building a disrespect for these kinds of laws. It’s pretty clear that the Liberals enjoy making the Criminal Code thicker but they don’t have any concern about going after the people who are committing criminal activity.”

In short, Clare believes this is a direct attack on the innocent and is ten times more severe than the long-gun registry, which was introduced in 1995 before it was abolished in 2012 by the Conservatives led by then-Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

“It’s part of a continuum of Liberal gun control that dates back to 1978 when they brought in Bill C-51, which required a firearms acquisition certificate and started banning various types of firearms for no good reason. The sooner we can have an election to get rid of these bastards the better,” said Clare.

The freeze is part of the Liberals Bill C-21 which is still being debated in the House of Commons.

In May, as step one of a national freeze, the government banned the import of handguns.

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