The Main Street fire continues to cause problems for neighbour business owners downtown.

Even though the fire was three weeks ago, damages, insurance claims, and cleaning has left the Salt Boutique still out of business.

Owner Caroline Marko says one of the hardest parts is waiting for the bureaucratic steps to be taken.

“It all needs to go through somebody, that needs to go through somebody else, that needs to go throughs somebody else and those are the hoops that are very frustrating,” she says. “I feel like you are the best person for the job and things could move along so much faster if you just got to go in there and dig your hands in and do it.”

Cleaning continues tomorrow when the store will be fumigated for about 10 hours to clear out any lingering smoke smells.

This will be the shops 3rd fumigation like this.

Marko hopes to have her shop up and running again in two weeks but says this could easily become longer.