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HomeNewsMore sheriffs on their way to Smithers Courthouse

More sheriffs on their way to Smithers Courthouse

Twelve new BC Sheriffs will be starting their careers, with some of them coming to the Smithers courthouse.

The new class of grads from the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) recently completed their 11-week training program.

“Fair, equitable and safe access to justice services is critical to helping people succeed in their lives,” said Niki Sharma, Attorney General.

“Sheriffs play a critical role in keeping our communities safe by ensuring people can rely on secure access to the courtroom services they need.”

Sheriffs provide protective and enforcement services for judiciary, Crown, defence, public, and court staff, as well as people accessing court services.

They also transport accused and convicted people to and from provincial and federal correctional facilities to court, and carry out court orders.

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