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HomeNewsVoter's "right" to remove bad local politicians, Telkwa suggests

Voter’s “right” to remove bad local politicians, Telkwa suggests

Telkwa Council will be endorsing an idea at the upcoming Union of British Columbia Municipalities convention that could give voters a lot of power.

Council will present a resolution that would let residents kick out municipal politicians who they felt is doing a bad job.

A similar idea has been shot down in the past, but Mayor Darcy Repen says recent circumstances make this idea a better fit for today’s governments.

“We’ve just extended the terms to four years. On the good side, four years is a better opportunity for municipal governments to do a lot of good in the community and move forward with initiatives,” he says, “but it’s also a longer period of time if you have a municipal politician or government that is not performing.”

Council wishes to hear from voters and what you think of the resolution.

The UBCM will take place from September 21st – 25th in Vancouver

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