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Town of Smithers receives funding for wastewater upgrades

Upgrades are on the way for Smithers’ wastewater treatment facility thanks to provincial and federal funding. 

These include installing new advanced filtration and ultraviolet disinfection systems, ensuring the plant operates with high efficiency and health standards. 

Ottawa is contributing $3 million towards the project while the province is investing an additional $2.5 million.  

“Wastewater treatment is part of our core business, though the cost puts the required upgrades out of reach. This $5.6 million dollars plus $2 million from our own funds means we can get this done,” said Mayor Gladys Atrill. 

“For the public, you’re never going to notice it but it’s going to make a big difference,” she added. 

Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach added the town isn’t the only beneficiary from the upgrade. 

“The Town’s wastewater infrastructure improvements will mean less impact on the Bulkley River, which is such a cherished feature of our valley, and will accommodate future growth of the community.” 

The last upgrade performed was in 2010 when the town installed a new aeration system in one of the reservoirs.

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