Nathan Cullen is, for the fifth straight term, the MP for the Skeena – Bulkley Valley.

51.2% of ballots were in favour of the NDP Candidate.

Cullen says it feels “incredibly encouraging” to represent the area for a fifth straight term. He says he hopes to continue connecting people regardless of their political stance.

“Reach out beyond the left-right boundaries. There are things that hold us in common up here in the Northwest: we want good jobs, we want to protect the environment, we want better relations with first nations and non-first nations, and we want attention. We want to make sure that Skeena is always on the map and in the hearts and minds of other canadians,” he says.

Behind Cullen was PC candidate Tyler Nesbitt with 24.7% and Liberal representative Brad Layton with about 18.7%

Green party Jeannie Parnell made up 3.6% and CHP candidate Donald Spratt had 1.7%.

It won’t be Cullen’s NDPs in charges in Ottawa though. The Liberals will have a majority government with 184 seats in the House of Commons. The Conservatives will be the Official Opposition with 99 seats while the NDP had the third most with 44.