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Skeena MP sides with teachers in dispute

Skeena NDP MP Nathan Cullen has come out swinging against the province over the ongoing dispute with teachers.

Cullen says he is amazed at how badly treated the teachers have been by the province.

“I’d like to see the provincial government actually step up and negotiate on behalf of teachers and students. They’ve declared teachers enemies in B.C. and it’s been going on for years.”

He says so many times the province has negotiated through media and reneged on offers and now there is no trust between the BCTF and the B.C. government.

“This is what unfortunately it has culminated in where there is so little trust.”

He says premier Christy Clark is on a revenge tour for the role the teachers played in the last election.

“That’s harming our kids for some political payback and that’s disgusting. I’m infuriated that our kids are going to be the ones suffering for this.”

Cullen says ultimately we should all want the best possible education for students.

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