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HomeNewsSmithers stressing to stay off snow-covered roofs

Smithers stressing to stay off snow-covered roofs

The winter storm within the Bulkley Valley and Lakes District saw more than 30 centimetres in a matter of three days, piling high on local rooftops.

As the RDBN releases a snowloads advisory, Smithers is also stressing homeowners to stay off the roof to shovel snow as older structure are at risk of damage.

Town Buildings Official Roye Lovgren says to create channels down the side of a home for easy flow when the snow eventually melts.

“If they have ice-damming on the eaves, you can make an attempt to cut a channel through that ice, so that when the snow does begin to melt and run down on the eaves, it won’t dam behind the ice.”

He says this applies to all homes older than 1985 in Smithers; the RDBN has specified homes prior to 1993 due to different building codes.

He adds it’s rare to see people shovelling on their rooftops unless a big storm rolls in.

“The last large snowfall we had was in 2012, and at that time, people were on the roof. Right now, there’s quite a number of homes and individuals who are up trying to shovel off that excess loading.”

Another solution Lovgren advises is to call a contractor if residents feel unsafe.

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