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HomeNewsBC government playing dangerous game on Kinder Morgan pipeline: CFIB

BC government playing dangerous game on Kinder Morgan pipeline: CFIB

Northern BC businesess are becoming fed up with the on-again, off-again Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) spoke to several business owners in the north who still have a lot of inventory and equipment for the pipeline that is sitting idle.

The value of our region is being overlooked according to CFIB Executive Vice-President Laura Jones.

“It’s a bit of a slap in the face I think too that people are not as cognoscente as they should about where the wealth is created in this country and how important northern communities are to our prosperity.”

Earlier this week, the project was halted due to the lack of progress made between Alberta, BC and the Federal Governments.

This decision has put a sour taste in the mouths of northern BC businesses.

“I talked to one business owner who says he’s got a lot of inventory for example and equipment that would be used for the pipeline and now it’s not really clear on whether or not that equipment is going to be sold.”

“There’s no question there were people who were counting on this pipeline going forward that are now wondering what’s going to happen next.”

Jones believes the province is playing a very dangerous game, which could put Canada’s economic security at risk by scaring away international investors.

“From electricians to people who provide equipment affect all of us and I would say beyond the economic benefits of this project there’s a much bigger principle at stake that effects all Canadians.”

“I think the British Columbia government is behaving incredibly irresponsibly, I get that not everyone wanted the pipeline to go through, they are so small businesses that didn’t support it but the proponents have been heard and a decision has been made and they continue to create uncertainty when a decision has been made is disrespectful and is disrespecting our laws.”

She says the Trudeau government is saying all the right things and could easily make life miserable for BC by taking a page out of John Horgan’s playbook and use all the tools in his toolbox.

On Monday, Nechako-Lakes MLA John Rustad voiced his displeasure with the NDP saying their opposition to the pipeline is a dangerous move and could spark another trade war with Alberta.

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