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HomeNewsPartial solar eclipse will be visible over Bulkley Lakes

Partial solar eclipse will be visible over Bulkley Lakes

It will not be as spectacular as what is in store for the east coast, but a partial solar eclipse will be visible over northern BC early next month.

Malhar Kendurkar, the President of the Prince George Astronomical Observatory, said around 14% of the sun will be blocked out by the moon from about 10:00 to 1:00 on Monday, April 8th.

“Unfortunately we are too far north for this eclipse,” he said, “in the eastern part of Canada it will be a total 100% solar eclipse.”

Kendurkar explained the total eclipse will start in western Mexico, work its way diagonally across Texas and the United States, and cross over Eastern Canada.

During the total eclipse people outdoors will feel a drop in the temperature, see other planets in the sky, and see the sun’s corona – its outer atmosphere.

Looking at the total solar eclipse is totally safe, however Kendurkar said the partial eclipse we will experience in the west is still dangerous to look at – the same as looking directly at the sun any other day.

The last total solar eclipse visible in North America was on August 21, 2017. The next one will not come around until 2044.

There will, however, be multiple more partial eclipses in the years to come, Kendurkar said the next ones will occur on August 12th, 2026, August 2nd, 2027, and July 22nd, 2028.

It is not set in stone yet, but Kendurkar said they will try to open the Prince George observatory to the public during the eclipse on the 8th if they can find the volunteers to do so.

The Astronomical Society will update their Facebook page and website with more information.


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