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HomeNewsWoman who refused to drop weapons tasered in Two Mile

Woman who refused to drop weapons tasered in Two Mile

RCMP used a taser on a woman in Two Mile to end a mini crime spree.

According to the RCMP, the thirty one year old woman tried to steal a car in Two Mile on Monday morning then fled when RCMp arrived.

She then used a knife to try and car jack a passing vehicle but the driver of that car escaped with minor injuries.

She was then located on Highway 62 near the Hagwilget Bridge where the RCMP say she was observed carrying multiple weapons.

The woman refused to comply with police and drop the weapons so the RCMP used pepper spray on her which was ineffective forcing officers to use a taser to subdue the woman and take her into custody.

The RCMP say the woman immediately received medical treatment as a result of the tasering and remains in custody on multiple charges

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