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Solar Eclipse Monday morning

North America will experience a total solar eclipse Monday morning.

The moon will completely block out the sun for a few minutes throughout the United States. In Northern BC, about 70% of the sun will be obstructed. The eclipse will happen over two hours beginning around 9:20 AM and reach its peak at 10:23 AM.

“It goes, literally, from coast to coast, from east coast to west coast, all across the United States. That’s the first time for the continental United States getting a total eclipse in 99 years,” says Royal Astronomical Society of Canada: Prince George President Blair Stunder.

To watch the rare spectacle, Stunder recommends using proper eye protection.

“Any approved eye protection will block like 99.97% of the sunlight so you’re only looking at .03% of the available light, which isn’t a lot so that gives you an idea what sort of damage you could do it you viewed the sun with the naked eye.”

Be sure to wear special “eclipse glasses” if you plan to watch.

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