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HomeNewsMoricetown celebrates iCount students

Moricetown celebrates iCount students

The Moricetown Multiplex hosted proud iCount students, teachers and community members last night.

ICount’s Purple Tie Dinner raised money for an end of school trip to Haida Gwaii while recognizing the achievements of the students.

ICount’s communication director, Trevor Jang says the students, once known as the phantoms of the community, have grown so much since starting the alternative program which incorporates a holistic approach to learning and traditional First Nation’s culture.

Grad 10 student, Sarah Pete talks about the transition from her old secondary school to the iCount program,
“Before when I first came to iCount I was really quiet and really talk to anybody. But now I am talking to everybody and laughing and joking and that kind of stuff.”

RCMP constable Kim Delwisch gave a speech at the dinner on the reduced crime statistics and reduction in victimization of youth since the program started in September 2012.

“I was asked to look at the stats for Moricetown and see if there was a trend. And iCOunt hasn’t been around that long so it is hard to say but one thing that did stand out is the relationship between the youth and the RCMP…has greatly improved. There is communication now, we know each other, we have a relationship. And you can see the decrease in some of our complaints of mischief and vandalism. But what stuck out the most was we have had a significant decrease in our youth who are being victimized.”

The 17 students gathered to help serve a five course fundraising dinner, cooked by famous Wet’suwet’en chef, Andrew George and received recognition for completion of school programs.

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