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HomeNewsSmithers woman looking for her lost luggage for almost one week

Smithers woman looking for her lost luggage for almost one week

A mother of two from Smithers is attempting to locate her and her daughters luggage after returning home from Nova Scotia on Sunday (Jul 10).

Lynn MacKenzie, Vista Radio employee said she has not received an update on her two bags and when she first contacted the airline she was told she would hear a response in three days.

It has been over three days and she still has not heard anything back and is now being told it could take more than 30 days to hear from Air Canada.

Lynn and her two children on the flight to Nova Scotia *supplied by: Lynn MacKenzie)

According to MacKenzie, this started when her luggage tag was labeled incorrectly and when she went to customer service she thought that the issue was resolved.

She said that it has been difficult getting a hold of Air Canada about her two missing pieces of luggage.

“I was on hold for over an hour and I finally talked to someone but bless his heart he couldn’t even spell Riverside so, I don’t know how much I can trust this process,” MacKenzie said.

She added that now with her luggage missing she has to buy new clothing and toiletries like underwear, socks and swimsuits.

Among the pieces of luggage that went missing was her daughter Sadie’s who was spending the summer in BC.

“Sadie has an obsession with sweaters and hoodies, she had four of them in her bag some of which belonged to my deceased spouse so, those are irreplaceable especially to a fourteen year-old girl, it’s more than just clothes to her,” MacKenzie said.

She added that this is not the first time she has dealt with lost luggage but this time it has been different.

“I haven’t heard from anyone, I don’t know what’s going to happen so, as of right now my bags are in purgatory,” MacKenzie said.

She added that she’s unsure if she will ever get her luggage back.

MacKenzie’s story is in addition to thousands of other travellers who have reported their luggage lost or have had their flights delayed.

The issues are primarily affecting the airports in Toronto and Montreal.

Air Canada also announced last month that it would be making significant cuts to its schedule throughout the summer to cope with the issues it has been facing.

Vista Radio has reached out to Air Canada to see how it plans to resolve the delays and returning travellers luggage.

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