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Smithers Skatepark Society updates Town Council on project

The Smithers Skatepark Society (SSPS) recently celebrated the completion of Phase one of the project but is now looking toward Phase two.

On September 16, the society hosted a soft opening for the expansion that started construction in June.

During this evening’s council meeting, the society went into details about phase two which will include the construction of the bowl.

The SSPS has asked Town Council for $75,000 that will go towards the landscaping portion of phase two of the project.

Volunteer Sarah Fitzmaurice said that being given the funds will allow more possibilities for funding alternatives.

“That’s why this $75,000 ask is so important because it really makes us eligible for a much wider variety of grants and just makes it more possible for us to break ground for phase two in the summer of 2023,” she said.

The society added that it is hoping to create better parking for the park.

SSPS Chair Jason Krausopf said while they are not asking for parking right now the landscaping design is working towards potentially getting a few parking spaces in the back.

“It’s more for a safety aspect as our park is going to be a lot busier now. We do have some concerns with parking however, that isn’t part of our mandate but, we’re hoping that the town does look at this,” he said.

It is anticipated that the bowl will start construction next summer.

Town Council will make their decision on the funding ask during the next regular council meeting on October 11.

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