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HomeNewsSummer operations successful on Hudson Bay Mountain

Summer operations successful on Hudson Bay Mountain

Upgrades and summer operations were successful on Hudson Bay Mountain this year.

It was the first time since 2014 the mountain operated over the warm season, opening their chair lift to bring visitors to the top of the ski runs.

General Manager Lex Rei-Jones didn’t know what to expect with the summer return.

“I wasn’t sure how busy it was going to be, how the community was going to react to it, and it went really well.”

She added weekends when the chair lift ran were busy, attracting locals and tourists from infants to elders.

The resort also ran a BBQ at the chair’s summit.

Several upgrades were underway during the summer to prepare for the upcoming winter season.

“Our trained development crew did some work tidying up some runs and we had our volunteer brushing crew. They did a whole bunch of brushing over the mountain,” said Rei-Jones.

Portions of the Panorama Lodge deck were reinforced, and RV parking was moved to a new location for the season.

A new carpet lift was also installed on the mountain at the training hill.

Inspections and final tuning on the lift will occur next week, on schedule for the 2023/24 season.

The Prairie Lift also saw some maintenance, but the planned power installation for the Prairie Hut did not occur.

Rei-Jones said another foot of snow is required before the resort opens, but otherwise on schedule for the winter season to begin December 2nd.

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