In partnership with the federal government, CityWest is looking to provide 520 households and businesses with improved internet, television, and phone services.

The areas of Glen Vowell, Kitwanga, and the outskirts of Houston are set to benefit, according to the service provider. Others include the communities of Gossen, Kleanza, Usk and Jackpine Flats.

CityWest says they’ll invest over $1.5 million towards the projects along with a $1.7 million investment from the federal government.

“Much of the work for this expansion has already started, and we’re grateful to the federal government to help us bring great Internet, TV, and phone services to other communities in the North,” said Donovan Dias, VP, Sales & Project Management at CityWest.

“We’re hoping to have the work completed by mid-2018.”

With the government funding, CityWest says they’ll leverage their existing investment in expanding fibre network throughout the North, which is funded through operational revenue.

“It’s very expensive to build communications infrastructure in the North, due to the distances between communities, as well as the challenging terrain,” said Dias.

“However, we believe residents of the North should have access to the latest and greatest services as their compatriots in the southern parts of the province.

With the help of this funding, we’re able to introduce more residents and businesses to a great customer experience with CityWest.”

CityWest says customers in the new communities will have access to the same products and services that other CityWest customers already have.

They anticipate the new service to be installed in the coming months, with all 520 dwelling having the service installed by the end of 2018.