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HomeNews"The issue lies with the weather conditions;" Contractor on Bulkley Valley Potholes

“The issue lies with the weather conditions;” Contractor on Bulkley Valley Potholes

Taylor Chartrand, My Bulkley Lakes Now

Potholes are something we can all relate to, we strongly dislike them with a passion.

So what is with the delays in the maintenance to reduce the number of potholes in the Bulkley Valley?

Well, Area Manager for LB Paving Jeremy Beaubien gives us the details.

“The issue lies with the weather conditions. Although the snow may be gone, the ground is still too soft. If you did the work now, it would essentially break up as quickly as it was patched.”

The process of repairing potholes doesn’t seem like a large task and Beaubien says it really isn’t.

“It doesn’t take long to patch potholes, it just depends on how busy your schedule is. You need to clean all the dirt and water from the holes, put a tack coat on them that will stick the old asphalt to the new, and then fill them up with a cold or hot patching material.”

The pressing question now is, when can the maintenance take place?

“Typically around mid-May is when things start to pick up. By then, the ground has thawed out and will allow crews proper working conditions for getting patch work done.”

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