According to a recent survey, the majority of British Columbians say they would support a ban on handguns within their municipalities.

The survey conducted online last month say four-in-five residents (79 per cent) say they support the ban.

The survey took place over three days and collected data from 800 people.

The federal government conducted a similar survey asking for public opinion on if there should be more restrictions.

President of the Bulkley Valley Rod & Gun Club, Brian Atherton says a Canada wide ban would not be effective because the majority of people with a licensed firearm use them responsibly and it is more of an issue in big cities.

“They are hoping that maybe through a ban on certain types of firearms that would solve the worlds issues and I think most of us know you don’t create real change with the stroke of a pen. You have to look at the deeper seeded issue like why these things are occurring.”

Atherton says that if they enact changes to the law then will affect everyone but it won’t affect is the criminal element in Canada because registered gun owners are automatically vetted by the gov every day to see if they have a criminal record.

According to Statistics Canada, although most firearm-related offenses do involve handguns in 2016, they account for only 21 per cent of all homicides.

Statistics on gun violence are only shown for the larger cities and not towns but Statistics Canada says, “between 2013 and 2017, 16 of Canada’s census metropolitan areas saw increases in their rate of firearm-related violent crime, including seven of the ten largest.”