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How Recent ICBC Changes Affect Your Personal Injury Claim

How Recent ICBC Changes Affect YOUR Personal Injury Claim

With recent changes to motor vehicle law, you need a lawyer more than ever. ICBC will probably try and tell you that your injury is “minor” and that it is “capped” by the new regulations. They are telling you this because they’re looking out for the interests of the insurance corporation. The law in this regard is complicated and not straightforward. Dick Byl Law will tell you whether or not your claim is capped, and what the consequences are.

Speak to them before you speak to an insurance company. 

Insurance companies will often record your statements and use those statements in some fashion against you down the road. Dick Byl Law will give you honest, straightforward advice as to the value of your claim. They will tell you what your rights are, and do not act for any insurance company, and they certainly do not act for ICBC.

Years of experience dealing with ICBC

For more than 37 years, Dick Byl has been helping people who’ve been injured in motor vehicle and other accidents obtain fair settlements from ICBC and other insurance companies. Mr. Byl has conducted hundreds of trials and thousands of mediations and settlement conferences and has obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements for his clients. All work is done on a contingency fee basis, which means there is no fee, unless and until, a settlement is achieved or a judgment is rendered.  They send no interim bills or want any money up front from clients.

Been injured in an automotive accident or have a question?

Dick Byl Law does not charge for an initial interview or consultation. They have represented people in complex personal injury cases for almost 40 years. Dick Byl Law is a leading personal injury law firm in Northern BC. Their office is in the City of Prince George and they serve clients throughout the Province. Dick Byl Law has spacious, modern offices on the 9th floor of the Royal Bank Building at 550 Victoria Street in downtown Prince George.

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