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Telkwa’s Water Restrictions now in place

As of June 1st, the Village of Telkwa is enforcing its Stage 1 Watering Restriction bylaws.

The annual restrictions will be in effect until September 15th, and are applied to ensure there is enough water stored for the Village’s recreational and emergency use.

The restrictions limit the times and dates residents can wash their cars or their water flowers, lawns, and gardens.

Mayor Darcy Repen says that this restriction ensures both your garden and a local emergency, will have enough water

“When people are irrigating, watering their lawns, washing their cars, we draw down the storage capacity. If we have a fire, if we have an urgent need for water in another location, we may run that reservoir dry,” he says.

This restriction is enforced because of the Village’s insufficient water storage, which is why Council is working on funding for a new water tower.

The following photo clarifies the enforced restrictions, as presented in Telkwa’s June 2015 Newsletter. 

waterrestrictionsMain photo was taken from the Telkwa Facebook Page. Photo posted by “Thom pictures photos.”

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