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Government survey wants feedback on how to make buildings more accessible

Public engagement about BC Building Code accessibility requirements started in the province, and residents will have until December 9th to give their opinion.

The goal is to make new buildings accessible for all people in the province.

The survey is available online, and the Ministry of Attorney General and Responsible for Housing will summarize the results in an online report.

“Everyone should be able to enter, exit and move through buildings independently and with dignity, and we need to hear from British Columbians on how we can best support that,” said Dan Coulter, Parliamentary Secretary for Accessibility.

Accessibility code changes will be developed based on the feedback from the survey, and they will be brought back for further input before being added to the BC Building Code.

“We are hopeful that, with public and stakeholder group engagement, the consultation process will raise the building codes to the standards intended in the Accessible British Columbia Act; aimed at removing and preventing barriers to accessibility and increasing inclusion,” said Tanya Fawkes, Regional Director of the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists, British Columbia.

The province is also working to help make uniform national and provincial building codes for accessibility requirements.

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