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Operational Budget talks begin in Smithers

Smithers Council got together Tuesday to discuss this year’s spending.

The Town’s capital budget is now finalised, but the 2016 operational costs are far from finished.

Mayor Taylor Bachrach says Council has some tough decisions to make.

“As much as possible we look for efficiencies, we look for places to reduce our costs, and we also consider what new things we want to take on as a community so it`s not an easy process,” he says.

As it stands, the current levy increase sits at 7.84%. Mayor Taylor Bachrach says not to fret because that percentage should drop.

“Most years it`s lower than what is presented because that number represents an ‘all in’ number with all the different proposals that are included in the draft.”

Council discussed grants and aids, library, and protective services costs at the January 19th meeting.

There will be more meetings before the budget is finalized, the next one being February 2.

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