Campers enjoying the Kyah RV Park on opening day | Photo Courtesy: Taylor Chartrand

It was an absolute scorcher today at the grand opening of the redesigned Kyah RV Park in Witset.

Temperatures reached nearly 30 degrees but that didn’t seem to impact the attendance numbers.

Local chiefs, area tourism experts, and both Provincial and Federal officials made their way to Witset for the grand opening.

One government representative that was able to take part in the event was Minister of Rural Development, Doug Donaldson.

“As a Minister, sometimes it’s hard to get out of the office so I’m really glad to be here. Through the Ministry of Rural Development, we were able to allocate $500,000 to this project through the Rural Dividend Program. It’s money well spent because it’s an opportunity to attract tourists, keep them here, and educate them on the Wet’suwet’en culture.”

(L-R) Taylor Bachrach, Nathan Cullen, Doug Donaldson | Photo Courtesy: Taylor Chartrand

In 2016, there were a recorded 1 million travelers that used Highway 16 which runs right past the Kyah Campground.

This is the only place in Witset where a person can stay overnight and Donaldson says it will be a great addition to the community.

“This particular campground is set up for not only tent users but those with RV’s as well. For people with mobility issues, there’s a fantastic washroom facility with roll-in showers. Now, the park appeals to a wide demographic. The goal is simple. We want people to stop, spend money, and truly enjoy the area. Tourism is a sustainable industry and if we take care of the environment, people will continue to make their way back into the region.”

Witset Chief Victor Jim also lent his two-sense on the park opening.

“I think it’s going to be a great economic boost for our community. We are excited that tourists have a place to stop and learn about the Wet’suwet’en heritage. It’s a big positive for our community. ”

Today’s event also had the Ewk Hiyah Hozdli Dance Group perform and the Return of the Salmon Ceremony also took place at the Widzin Kwah Canyon.

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