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HomeNews"We are getting concerned,": BC Government Employers Union on pandemic pay delay

“We are getting concerned,”: BC Government Employers Union on pandemic pay delay

The BC Government needs to speed up the process of dishing out the funds under its Temporary Pandemic Pay program to essential workers.

That’s according to the province’s Government Employers Union.

Treasurer Paul Finch told Vista Radio a lot of people were counting on the extra wages this summer, and have been left hanging by the delay.

“The problem here really is that I think in these very tight economic times a lot of people when they hear the word top-up or a premium for the pandemic work they kind of budget that into a reasonable amount of time and I think we are past that. It’s difficult now.”

“Basically, we are starting to get concerned because I think there was an early expectation that people would receive their pandemic pay in July or August, and of course now, we are in September and it doesn’t look like people will be receiving it this month either.”

Finch is scratching his head as to why the province is falling behind.

“We look at other provinces like Manitoba and Ontario that we’re able to pay it out in late July and early August, we are not sure why the delay is occurring and we think the payout should be set up.”

Employees are expected to receive a lump-sum payment equivalent to about $4 per hour for straight-time hours worked.

However, anyone employed at public liquor stores, child care workers and provincial enforcement officers are not eligible for the program.

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