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“We have to look forward,”: BC Greens Leader on clean energy, forestry sector

Streamlining the forestry sector in the north is long overdue according to BC Greens Leader Sonia Furstenau.

In an interview with Vista Radio, she mentioned the province needs to stop exporting its logs and timber as raw resources, citing value-added manufacturing is badly needed.

Furstenau also championed the wind power projects located along Highway 97 within the Peace stating that regions like the north can thrive under a clean energy economy.

“We have to look forward, we can’t look back because we are not the world we were in 50 years ago, we have to be honest about where we are and dream very big on where we can get to so that our children and their children can look at our generation and say you did it.”

“We need to dream big, we are an extraordinary province with incredible people, incredibly hard-working, amazing citizens in this province. All we have to do is say, of course, we want every community in this province to thrive. Imagine if we leaned into becoming a clean energy powerhouse in the world.

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