With Halloween on the horizon, Police have outlined some ways trick-or-treaters can stay safe this year to adapt to both the pandemic and the winter weather.

“We want to make sure that costumes aren’t dragging on the ground so that nobody trips, we want to make sure we’re wearing comfortable shoes especially as it is icy,” said Terry Gillespie of the Smithers RCMP.

“We also recommend wearing makeup instead of a mask so that you can better see and be aware of everything going on around you,” added Gillespie.

In addition, the pandemic has led Police to advise some COVID-friendly safety tips.

“Make sure that if you are trick-or-treating, to go with people that are members of your family or somebody that’s close to you and not people that you rarely see to avoid COVID contamination,” explained PG RCMP, Corporal Craig Douglass.

Police are also reminding drivers to remain extra cautious this Saturday night (Oct 31st), as Trick-or-Treating presents an opportunity for serious accidents.

“It is recommended that you reduce your speed so that you have more time to react if a child jumps out in front of your car accidentally,” added Gillespie.