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HomeNewsGas prices set to increase over Family Day weekend

Gas prices set to increase over Family Day weekend

Gas prices have been going up in the area headed into the long weekend.

According to GasBuddy analyst Patrick De Haan, prices are up three cents per litre compared to last week.

“Areas of the Pacific Northwest and into BC as well, the refineries that supply these regions have had some issues in the last couple of weeks that have pushed prices up slightly and that is a trend that could continue.”

He said part of the increased cost was due to refineries that supply the area starting maintenance that could last six to 10 weeks.

De Haan added prices aren’t likely to start going down for the next two to three months.

“Holidays really don’t influence prices so much but longer term trends that are seasonal in nature typically push prices up starting in February, late February and early in March and those can last through Victoria Day.”

Prices in Smithers are at 179.9/L according to GasBuddy, with Houston at 156.9/L and Burns Lake at 165.9/L.

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